Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cultural Quirks

Sometimes you have to experience another culture to better understand your own. I was afraid of culture shock coming to London since the standard of living, the language, and even the climate are approximately the same. The thought being that subtle, but distinct, differences in those areas can be more shocking than when you go to a place where none of those things are the same (and the latter has described most of my travel experience). To make a long philosophical, anthropological boring ass tangent more relevant: Americans are incredibly passive.

How do I know? The Brits are really direct.

I didn't think I was passive. I didn't think I was shocked by directness. I didn't think I really adhered to American culture so much. But compared to this frankness, directness, I'm a waffling, backwards talking hillbilly.

I think I prefer direct. [Let's try that again: I prefer direct.]

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Dad said...

Let me be direct: I love you, and truly enjoy your reflections on yourself and your experience of the world.